Splatter Time Fun Fest 2017: It Follows (2014)

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Follow me everywhere, anywhere, baby!

Written by: David Robert Mitchell
Directed by: David Robert Mitchell

I’m not sure if I can express how glad I am that this is the movie I chose as my first horror film in a couple of years. I love horror, everyone who knows me knows how much I love the genre. It would have sucked, not be the end of the world mind you, but it would have sucked to have my first horror movie in a long time be a letdown. Thankfully It Follows didn’t let me down, if anything it reaffirmed why I love the horror genre so much.

Yes, this is going to be one of my reviews where I focus very little on the more traditional horror aspects of It Follows. It sets the table well, it does all the things that a good, old fashioned, regular horror movie would do. Where David Robert Mitchell’s film truly shines is in how it dances around its setting and becomes more than a horror film, or as I like to put it, the best that a horror movie can be.

Sex is the obvious allegory of the film, and it’s the one that is the easiest to focus on. There are numerous moments in the film where the connection between sex and consequences is made. However, that’s all surface, very, very surface. Sex isn’t what It Follows is about, but rather this is a film about life and what follows you in life. Your past can, and often literally does haunt you, and It Follows is keenly aware of that fact.

Parents, friends long forgotten, relationships that have ended, an auto industry that failed its community; these are all things that follow, that can kill a person. The horror of It Follows isn’t based in sex, but in the moments of our lives that we have tried to put behind us. Because, what if we can’t put those moments behind us? What if any new venture in life is destined to fail because of the choices we made at an earlier point in our lives?

By presenting itself as cinematic simplicity, with gazing long shots and a slowly drawn out script It Follows does a splendid job of hiding its deeper meanings. It pecks and paws at what is under the surface while giving just enough on the surface to keep the viewer interested in what they are seeing. It Follows is steeped in the trappings of its state, it wears its Michigan stripes proudly and in doing so flaunts the past that is always trying to catch up with us. In setting alone Mr. Mitchell manages to present layer upon layer for the horror fan to unfurl and dissect.

A lucky selection, but a good selection nonetheless. It Follows will undoubtedly upset some horror fans with its open ending. But, for those who want more out of their horror It Follows is a movie that delivers and then some. Maybe I’m just someone looking for too much out the horror movies he watches, but It Follows is a splendid reminder of the greatness the genre can attain.

Bill Thompson

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