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This Week In Cinema: January 19-25, 2014

saving mr. banks

If I ever need saving I’m hoping an animated mouse can come to the rescue!

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Review: Hwanghae (The Yellow Sea, 2010)

the yellow sea

I don’t live near a sea, yellow or otherwise!

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Review: Wong Gok Ka Moon (As Tears Go By, 1988)

as tears go by

Cousins means something different in Hong Kong, right?

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Review: 2046 (2004)


If only my life could look this freaking gorgeous!

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This Week In Cinema: August 25-31, 2013

life without principle

I live my life with some sort of principle, I’m not sure which one though!

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This Week In Cinema: June 30-July 06, 2013

the red balloon

My balloon would be green, definitely green!

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Review: Saam Gaang Yi (Three… Extremes, 2004)

saam gaang yi

Three directors I like together at the same time, nice!

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Review: Chun Gwong Cha Sit (Happy Together, 1997)

happy together

Is it a Chinese thing to want to sleep completely under the covers all the time?

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This Week In Cinema: March 17-23, 2013

election 2

In a lot of ways the elections in the Triad are more just than the American election process!

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Review: Duo Luo Tian Shi (Fallen Angels, 1995)

fallen angels

So close, and yet so very far away, such is the story of human existence in the modern age!

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