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Review: Ugetsu monogatari (Ugetsu, 1953)


Ghosts that come in the night, and the daytime, oh my!

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Review: Hakuchi (The Idiot, 1951)

the idiot

Just how many times can a movie say that a guy has a heart of gold?

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Review: Kakushi Ken Oni No Tsume (The Hidden Blade, 2004)

the hidden blade

I really enjoy playing, Bakumatsu Rouman Dainimaku: Gekka No Kenshi – Tsuki Ni Saku Hana, Chiri Yuku Hana on my Sega Dreamcast, that’s close to being a samurai, right?

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Review: Antonio Gaudí (1985)

antonio gaudi

This guy is no George Costanza, I’ll tell you what!

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Review: Tora No O Wo Fumu Otokotachi (The Men Who Tread On The Tiger’s Tail, 1945)

the men who tread on the tiger's tail

There’s really no reason to be stepping on a tiger’s tail, c’mon!

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Review: Jisatsu Sâkuru (Suicide Club, 2001)

suicide club

I was a member of a wresting club, so I understand the whole club concept, right?

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Splatter Time Fun Fest 2013: Kaidan (Kwaidan, 1964)


I’m pretty sure I’d see people in my tea too, I mean, tea is pretty nasty ya know!

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This Week In Cinema: September 08-14, 2013

the play house

That Buster Keaton fellow seems to be the whole show!

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Retro Week In Cinema: August 22-28, 2013

my neighbor totoro

Any week that I get to talk about a movie from Hayao Miyazaki is a great week!

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Retro Week In Cinema: July 04-10, 2013


Count me out from adopting a kid from a foreign country, thank you very much!

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