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Splatter Time Fun Fest 2014: Dial M For Murder (1954)

dial m for murder

And the blonde with no charisma rears her head yet again!

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Retro Week In Cinema: May 02-08, 2013


As if I needed further proof that I don’t understand the female mind!

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Review: Rope (1948)


That James Stewart is sure one smart fella!

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Review: Easy Virtue (1928)

Virtue is not something I claim to have!

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Review: Number Seventeen (Number 17, 1932)

And just like that I finish up my old Alfred Hitchcock box set not with a bang, but with a complete downer!

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Review: The Skin Game (1931)

Possibly the most underrated film from Alfred Hitchcock!

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Review: Sabotage (1936)

I’m nearing the end of this Alfred Hitchcock box set and the films have taken an upswing!

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Review: Juno And The Paycock (The Shame Of Mary Boyle, 1930)

I never thought I’d be able to say that I found an Alfred Hitchcock film completely without value, but life is full of surprises!

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Review: Young And Innocent (The Girl Was Young, 1937)

Snappy and witty, just the way I like my Hitch!

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Review: The Ring (1927)

Plowing through this Alfred Hitchcock box set has been a constant state of one step forward, two steps back!

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