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Review: Go West (1925)

go west

My wife would love to have a pet cow, specifically a Jersey!

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This Week In Cinema: September 08-14, 2013

the play house

That Buster Keaton fellow seems to be the whole show!

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Review: Seven Chances (1925)

seven chances

I only had one chance to get hitched, and for whatever reason she said yes!

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Review: Sherlock Jr. (1924)

sherlock jr.

I wouldn’t make a good detective, or a movie projectionist for that matter!

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This Week In Cinema: July 07-13, 2013

a movie

I’m pretty sure that the soundtrack to my life would be all wacky and mournful at the wrong times!

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This Week In Cinema: May 06-12, 2012

Being lost in the fog has never been so mesmerizing!

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Bill Knows Best Marathon: The General (1926)

There’s no better way to kick off any marathon than with Buster Keaton!

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