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Review: The Dead Zone (1983)

the dead zone

I have trouble getting into any type of zone, let alone a dead one!

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Review: eXistenZ (1999)


A video game, a dream, reality, or the worst nightmare possible?

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Review: Spider (2002)

Being trapped in my mind is perhaps the scariest thought of all!

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Review: M. Butterfly (1993)

m butterfly image

I’m no sexual mastodon, but I would like to think I know which orifice my member is occupying at any given time, or maybe I’m doing it all wrong, who knows!

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Review: Shivers (1975)


It’s clear what the issue is here, an apartment complex that is bereft of pets is clearly the spawn of the devil!

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Review: Dead Ringers (1988)


I’m happy I don’t have a twin, I’m weird enough by myself I fear for how weird two of me would be!

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Horror Month 2009: The Fly (1986)


Horror Month 2009 welcomes David Cronenberg to the festivities, be afraid, be very afraid!

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Cronenberg, You Know You Love Him!


If you want more excellent David Cronenberg reviews then look inside!

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Review: Crash (1996)


One of the best films ever made, also one of the most controversial!

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Review: The Brood (Uncut, 1979)


I don’t want to know what is going on in your midsection lady!

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