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Review: L’amour en fuite (Love on the Run, 1979)

love on the run

Come for a movie and enjoy the clip show!

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Review: Domicile conjugal (Bed & Board, 1970)

bed and board

The French harbor racist tendencies towards the Japanese I take it?

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This Week in Cinema: February 09-15, 2014

the lego movie

Sadly, I was never a huge user of Lego’s myself!

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This Week In Cinema: May 15-21, 2011

Netflix was dropping a lot of titles from my queue off of instant this week, thus I watched a lot of movies!

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Review: Les Quatre Cents Coups (The 400 Blows, 1959)


The film that ushered in the French New Wave and changed the coming of age story forever!

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Review: Jules et Jim (Jules and Jim, 1962)


Love, the French way!

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