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Splatter Time Fun Fest 2014: Martin (1976)


It’s easy to be a vampire in a town full of dead people, isn’t it!

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Splatter Time Fun Fest 2012: Land Of The Dead (Director’s Cut, 2005)

Splatter Time Fun Fest 2012 kicks off just like it did last year, with a film from George A. Romero!

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This Week In Cinema: November 06-12, 2011

When it comes to fighter pilots, I ca’t think of a better wingman than Harry Connick Jr.!

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Splatter Time Fun Fest 2011: Day Of The Dead (1985)

Splatter Time Fun Fest 2011 kicks off with the third film in the most famous zombie franchise ever!

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Splatter Time Fun Fest 2010: Dawn Of The Dead (1978)

Hey, it’s the greatest zombie movie of all time, but is it the greatest horror movie, that’s the real question! Oh, and this is another installment of Splatter Time Fun Fest 2010, I have to stop forgetting to type this!

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Horror Month 2009: Night Of The Living Dead (1968)


Horror Month 2009 wouldn’t be complete without a Romero zombie flick!

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