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This Week In Cinema: June 16-22, 2013


There’s a certain sport that is my favorite of all time, I wonder if anyone can guess which one?

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This Week In Cinema: January 06-12, 2013

phoebe in wonderland

Wonderland seems like a very scary place to visit actually, like the kind of place where I’d lose my lunch money!

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This Week In Cinema: May 20-26, 2012

Sometimes I legitimately look in the mirror and wish that for a few seconds I could be half the man Captain America is on a daily basis! That, and I wish that I was a wee bit taller, pipe dreams are all I have people!

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Comica Obscura Marathon: Review: The Rocketeer (1991)

The first film in the Comica Obscura Marathon wasn’t meant to be obscure, but it’s for the best that it stayed that way!

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Review: Jumanji (1995)


I’m more used to Monopoly or Life, and I’m not even good at those games!

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