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Review: Chinesisches Roulette (Chinese Roulette, 1976)

chinese roulette

I’m no expert, but that game doesn’t seem any fun at all!

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Review: Die Ehe Der Maria Braun (The Marriage Of Maria Braun, 1979)


Marriage, Fassbinder style!

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Review: Die Bitteren Tränen Der Petra Von Kant (The Bitter Tears Of Petra Von Kant, 1972)


Another gem from a criminally underrated director!

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Review: Angst Vor Der Angst (Fear Of Fear, 1975)


The 70’s can only equal one thing, more Fassbinder!

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Review: Der Amerikanische Soldat (The American Soldier, 1970)


Let the oddness begin!

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Review: Händler Der Vier Jahreszeiten (The Merchant Of Four Seasons, 1971)


My first experience with yet another acclaimed German director!

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