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Splatter Time Fun Fest 2011: Repulsion (1965)

The latest film in Splatter Time Fun Fest 2011 is the first time I’ve seen Catherine Deneuve be anything but a sweetheart!

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This Week In Cinema: February 20-26, 2011

I would have preferred a screen shot of Mark Wahlberg’s face from The Happening as the image for this post, but I’m lazy, so this is what you get!

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World War II Marathon: The Pianist (2002)

Is film #45 in the World War II Marathon better than Schindler’s List, that seems to be the massive debate after all!

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Review: Chinatown (1974)


I once had to wear a bandage on my nose similar to Jake’s, but I don’t think it helped me look quite as imposing!

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