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Shootout At High Noon Marathon: Review: The Wild Bunch (Director’s Cut, 1969)

The Shootout At High Noon Marathon kicks off with a classic from Sam Peckinpah!

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World War II Marathon: Cross Of Iron (1977)

Film #29 in the World War II Marathon brings me back to the world of Sam Peckinpah, and what a messed up world it always is, a lot like our own world actually!

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Review: Straw Dogs (Uncut, 1971)


One of the most controversial films of all-time!

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Review: Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia (1974)


Revenge, Mexican style, or Gringo style!

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Movie Dictator Club: Convoy (1978)


My entry in the Movie Dictator Club for the month of April, 2009!

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