I used to be an avid member of a message board dedicated to film talk. One of the great things about the message board was that they devised all kinds of neat ways to get people to watch movies, and to make the movie watching more of a community thing. Two such ways are through the use of the Brackets and the Movie Dictator Club. Below I will list for you all of the reviews I did within these two categories as well as give you a little description of each category just so you get a feel for why I participated in them. You’ll also find listings and information on some of the other  projects I have started up all on my own.

Bracket Films

The basic idea behind the bracket films is quite simple. The powers that be at a message board I used to be a member of choose a decade and a certain region of the world. For instance in the 90s Far East Bracket only movies made in the 1990s in countries that would be considered a part of the Far East are included. The films are chosen from a combination of critics lists, awards won, and forum member recommendations. A bit of seeding goes on based on all the factors that I just mentioned in regards to selection. When you are paired up with two films you watch them and then decide which one you think deserves to go on to the next round. There’s really no limit to how may match-ups you can get in a given round, and the rounds keep going until finally only one film is left standing. Generally when the later rounds come around it’s no longer just one person watching a match-up and deciding, but a few different people take part and whichever film gets the most votes moves on to the nest round.

80s US Bracket

The title should say it all really, these are American funded films released in the 1980s. I’ve been involved in this bracket from the start, but my departure from the forums means there will not be any more verdicts delivered from me. Here are my verdicts, broken down by round,

Round One
Glory (1989) vs. Re-Animator (1985)
Pennies From Heaven (1981) vs. Reds (1981)
The Lost Boys (1987) vs. Zelig (1983)
One From The Heart (Director’s Cut, 1982) vs. Style Wars (1983)

Round Two
Modern Romance (1981) vs. A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)
The Big Red One (Director’s Cut, 1980) vs. White Dog (1982)
Near Dark (1987) vs. Aliens (Director’s Cut, 1986)

Round Three
Never Cry Wolf (1983) vs. RoboCop (Unrated, 1987)
Blood Simple. (1984) vs. The Breakfast Club (1985)

90s Far East Bracket

This is the bracket I participated the most in, I have no shame in saying it was my favorite. The films in this bracket were produced in a Far East country in the 1990s. I was not involved in this bracket from the start, I came in about midway through the first round. Again, my departure from the boards sadly means there will be no more reviews for this bracket. These are the verdicts I have supplied,

Round One
Hôhokekyo Tonari No Yamada-kun (My Neighbors The Yamadas, 1999) vs. Burakku Jakku (Black Jack: The Movie, 1996)
Xin Buliao Qing (C’est La Vie, Mon Chéri, 1994) vs. Da Hong Deng Long Gao Gao Gua (Raise The Red Lantern, 1991)
Wong Fei Hung (Once Upon A Time In China, 1991) vs. Hayan Chonjaeng (White Badge, 1992)
Rimeinzu: Utsukushiki Yuusha-tachi (Yellow Fangs, 1990) vs. Ôdishon (Audition, 1999)
Qiu Yue (Autumn Moon, 1992) vs. Fai Seung Dat Yin (Expect The Unexpected, 1998)
Adorenarin Doraibu (Adrenaline Drive, 1999) vs. Ye Ban Ge Sheng (The Phantom Lover, 1995)
Harukana Jidai No Kaidan O (Stairway To The Distant Past, 1995) vs. Mooi Tin Oi Sei 8 Siu See (Your Place Or Mine, 1998)

Round Two
Perfect Blue (1997) vs. Nihon Kuroshakai (Ley Lines, 1999)
Nae Maeumui Punggeum (The Harmonium In My Memory, 1999) vs. Qing Shao Nian Nuo Zha (Rebels Of The Neon God, 1992)
Hatachi No Binetsu (A Touch Of Fever, 1993) vs. Gohatto (Taboo, 1999)
Lan Feng Zheng (The Blue Kite, 1993) vs. Chorok Mulkogi (Green Fish, 1997)
Shall We Dansu? (Shall We Dance?, 1996) vs. Se Diu Ying Hung Ji Dung Sing Sai Jau (The Eagle Shooting Heroes, 1993)
Chûgoku No Chôjin (The Bird People In China, 1998) vs. Sonatine (1993)
Rajio No Jikan (Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald, 1997) vs. Eno Nakano Bokuno Mura (Village Of Dreams, 1996)

90s US Bracket

Obviously the films for this bracket were produced in the United States in the 1990s. I was not too involved in this bracket as I joined the forum pretty late into its run, and it is a bracket that has been finished with a winner being declared. These are the films I gave verdicts for,

Round Four
True Romance (Director’s Cut, 1993) vs. Dark City (Director’s Cut, 1998)

Round Five
Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai (1999) vs. Election (1999)

Horror Month

I always wanted to devote the month of October to horror reviews, I knew I wanted to do that the moment I started this blog. It’s not an original idea, I know that, but I love horror, I love Halloween, and I love October so it fit my personality and this blog. But, after one year I realized the month deserved a better moniker than Horror Month, and thus this was a one time marathon. There’s also no link in the title, because this was solely my baby, I did it without the help of anyone at any other site. This project ended up clocking in at fourteen films, and here they all are, plus one extra award show,

#1: Ôdishon (Audition, 1999)
#2: The Shining (1980)
#3: The Fly (1986)
#4: May (2002)
#5: [Rec] (2007)
#6: Gwoemul (The Host, 2006)
#7: Carrie (1976)
#8: Night Of The Living Dead (1968)
#9: Halloween (1978)
#10: Suspiria (1977)
#11: El Orfanato (The Orphanage, 2007)
#12: Frankenstein (1931)
#13: The Last House On The Left (Unrated, 2009)
#14: Braindead (Dead Alive, 1992)
The 1st Annual Splatter Time Fun Fest Awards

Instant Action

I’ve long felt that action films have gotten the short end of the stick here at Bill’s Movie Emporium. In an effort to broaden my horizons and write about more action films I am now posting action movie reviews over at The Gentlemen’s Blog To Midnite Cinema. That blog is an offshoot of one of my favorite podcasts, The Gentlemen’s Guide To Midnite Cinema. On a sporadic basis I’ll be selecting an action film that is available streaming from Netflix, Hulu Plus, or some other service. My desire is to keep this column going for some time, and hopefully readers of this blog will head over to The Gentlemen’s Blog To Midnite Cinema and read my thoughts on every type of action film one can think of.

#1: Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
#2: Get The Gringo (2012)
#3: Top Gun (1986)
#4: Anaconda (1997)
#5: Haywire (2011)
#6: Escape From L.A. (1996)
#7: Miami Connection (1987)
#8: Commando (1985)
#9: Valhalla Rising (2009)
#10: Merantau (2009)
#11: Red Scorpion (1988)
#12: Dredd (2012)
#13: Sudden Death (1995)
#14: The Rundown (2003)
#15: ‘A’ Gai Wak (Project A, 1983)
#16: Foxy Brown (1974)
#17: Banlieue 13 (District B13, 2004)
#18: Batman: Under The Red Hood (2010)
#19: The Stranger (2010)
#20: Hummingbird (Redemption, 2013)
#21: Siu Lam Juk Kau (Shaolin Soccer, 2001)
#22: The Grey (2011)
#23: Olympus Has Fallen (2013)
#24: Under Siege (1992)
#25: Cobra (1986)
#26: Rage And Honor (1992)
#27: True Lies (1994)
#28: Sin-se-gae (New World, 2013)
#29: Death Wish (1974)
#30: The Spirit (2008)
#31: Ninja (2009)
#32: The Last Stand (2013)
#33: No Holds Barred (1989)
#34: Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)
#35: Captain Phillips (2013)
#36: Road House (1989)
#37: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991)
#38: The Warriors (1979)

List Of Shame

The idea for this special project originated at a message board I used to post at. The premise is an easy one. Within a topic a person posts a list of the ten movies they are ashamed they haven’t seen yet. The next person to post dictates a movie to the person above them from the list that person originally posted. This continues over and over again with the one caveat being that you can not post in the topic again until you have watched the movie dictated to you and have written a review for it. Here are the films I reviewed while still at the forums,

#1: Apocalypse Now (Redux, 1979)
#2: M (1931)
#3: The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring (Extended Edition, 2001)
#4: Gladiator (2000)
#5: Cidade De Deus (City Of God, 2002)
#6: It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

Movie Dictator Club

This is one of the creations of the message board that I most enjoyed. The concept is very simple, and it allows people to be exposed to new and different films. Every month people say whether or not they want to participate, then a theme is chosen. A random drawing is held and based on that drawing you are paired up with one forum member as the dictator and another forum member as the dictatee. When you are operating as the dictator then you dictate to a forum member what movie they will be watching based on that months theme. When you are the dictatee you watch whatever film your dictator has deemed you watch for the month based on that months theme. The goal is usually to get people to watch films they haven’t seen before, so what people have already seen is taken into account when dictating. Some months I have taken on more than one film from my dictator, and other months I have taken on more than one dictator, so some months you will see more than one film. There’s also no requirement to participate every month, so there are some months that I don’t take part for whatever reason. I think that about covers it, and here are the films I was dictated when I was participating,

In Bruges (2008)

Touching The Void (2003)

Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

Convoy (1978)

Les Triplettes De Belleville (The Triplets Of Belleville, 2003)
Yi Yi (2000)
Paris, Texas (1984)
Le Fils (The Son, 2002)

Fight Club (1999)

Old Joy (2006)

Ratcatcher (1999)
The Little Rascals (1994)

May (2002)

Bad Santa (Unrated, 2003)

Moon (2009)

The Betrayal – Nerakhoon (2008)

Kontroll (Control, 2003)

La Double Vie De Véronique (The Double Life Of Veronique, 1991)

Grizzly Man (2005)

The Lord Of The Rings (1978)

Broken Blossoms Or The Yellow Man And The Girl (1919)

All Quiet On The Western Front (1930)

Tengoku To Jigoku (High And Low, 1963)

Les Parapluies De Cherbourg (The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg, 1964)

Oh! What A Lovely War (1969)

From Russia With Love (1963)

Kick-Ass (2010)

Inception (2010)

The Truman Show (1998)

Interiors (1978)

C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005)

For All Mankind (1981)

Ran (1985)

Podcast Review

A simple concept, I’m delving through the world of film related podcasts one podcast at a time. Every time out I review a different podcast that has been around for at least ten episodes, and is still active. Based on the three episodes I listen to I decide if the podcast is one to subscribe to, unsubscribe from, or occasionally guest it up with.

#1: Dangerous: Memories
#2: Sound On Sight Radio
#3: The Criterion Cast
#4: Comedy Film Nerds
#5: Doug Loves Movies
#6: Objection!
#7: Battleship Pretension
#8: How Did This Get Made?
#9: Yeah, It’s That Bad
#10: Chin Stroker VS Punter
#11: Cinerama
#12: Double Feature
#13: Filmspotting
#14: Mark Kermode And Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews
#15: The Sounds And Sights Of Cinema
#16: View From The Couch
#17: Sordid Cinema
#18: F This Movie!
#19: A Damn Movie Podcast
#20: The Film Vault
#21: The Treatment
#22: Movies You Should See
#23: Film Sack
#24: The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast
#25: Hollywood Babble-On
#26: ShowShow Podcast
#27: The Golden Briefcase
#28: The AuteurCast
#29: Cinebanter
#30: High And Low (Brow)
#31: Bloody Good Horror
#32: Dark Discussions
#33: The Splattercast
#34: Cold Case Cinema
#35: East Screen West Screen
#36: Fat Guys At The Movies
#37: Film Weekly
#38: Horroretc Podcast
#39: Podcast Without Honor And Humanity
#40: The Directors Cut Radio Show And Podcast
#41: Drunken Zombie
#42: Bad Movie Podcast
#43: The Film Programme
#44: CineAWESOME!
#45: The Film Thugs Movie Show
#46: HomeVideodrome
#47: The Gentlemen’s Guide To Midnite Cinema
#48: Cinema On The Road
#49: The Projection Booth
#50: The VCinema Show
#51: We Hate Movies!
#52: Behind The Screened Door
#53: Movie Meltdown
#54: On Cinema
#55: Paleo-Cinema Podcast
#56: Silva & Gold
#57: Film Reviews
#58: Outside The Cinema
#59: The /Filmcast
#60: More Than One Lesson
#61: The Killer Review Podcast
#62: The Q&A
#63: The Business
#64: Qt3 Movie Podcast
#65: SophistiCult Cinema
#66: Entertainment Docket
#67: The Friday Filibuster
#68: Frankly, My Dear
#69: Married With Clickers
#70: Podcast On Fire
#71: Blueprint: Review Podcast
#72: They Came From The North
#73: Reel Time
#74: Off The Shelf
#75: Midnight Movie Cowboys
#76: The (Title Pending) Movie Podcast
#77: The /Filmcast: After Dark
#78: WTF Are You Watching?!
#79: The Newsstand
#80: Dark Of The Matinee
#81: Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit
#82: Meet The Filmmaker
#83: Japan On Fire
#84: This Week In Sleaze
#85: On The Screen
#86: 1951 Down Place
#87: The LAMBcast
#88: Best PictureCast
#89: The Film Podcast
#90: Film Junk
#91: Proudly Resents
#92: The Golden Briefcase: Breakdown
#93: The F-List Bad Movie Podcast
#94: The Film List
#95: Shadow Company
#96: They Shot Pictures
#97: CinemaJaw
#98: Movie B.S.
#99: Slate’s Spoiler Specials
#100: Slate’s Culture Gabfest
#101: Triple J: Marc Fennell
#102: Now Playing Podcast
#103: Midnight Spookshow
#104: Destroy All Movies
#105: The MacGuffin
#106: The CHUD Show
#107: The Forgotten Flix Podcast
#108: Commentary On Fire
#109: The Film Talk
#110: Screen Rant Underground
#111: The Flop House
#112: Mousterpiece Cinema
#113: The MacGuffin Men
#114: Movie Snobbery 2
#115: Sketchy
#116: The Atomic Geeks Podcast
#117: The George Sanders Show
#118: Chris And Phil Present…
#119: The Film Stage Show
#120: 35mm Heroes
#121: MILFcast
#122: The Cinephiliacs
#123: Film Rave
#124: The Mill Creeps
#125: 15 Minute Movie Podcast
#126: Masters Of Cinema Cast
#127: Midnite Ride
#128: Operation Kino
#129: Wrong Opinions About Movies
#130: Batman On Film Podcast
#131: The Good, The Bad, And The Odd
#132: Broken Projector
#133: The Feminine Critique
#134: Almost Arthouse
#135: The Tobolowsky Files
#136: Trick or Treat Radio
#137: Kaijucast
#138: What’s Korean Cinema?
#139: The Hysteria Continues
#140: Alcohollywood
#141: Night of the Living Podcast
#142: The GR80’s
#143: Fighting in the War Room
#144: Black on Black Cinema
#145: The Director’s Series
#146: The Eclipse Viewer
#147: Anime World Order
#148: Better in the Dark
#149: Cinema Diabolica
#150: Taiwan Noir
#151: Films & Swearing
#152: The Hollywood Gauntlet
#153: Sequelcast
#154: The Hammicus Podcast

Postulating & Pontificating

I am a somewhat opinionated man, especially when it comes to all that the world of film has to offer. I’ve long kept my opinions to myself or dropped bits and pieces of my opinions into my film reviews. In an effort to expand the blog a bit I’m adding the equivalent of an op-ed column. It will come out on Fridays, but only when the fancy to write about something strikes me. I’ll be writing about various topics within the world of film that interest me, and hopefully they will interest my readers. Click the link below to go to the category page for Postulating & Pontificating where you can skim through all of the entries and see if any catch your eye.

Postulating & Pontificating

Retro Week In Cinema

Retro Week In Cinema is a new column I decided to add to the blog. Basically, I’ve been on a mission of late to complete my blog. I want Bill’s Movie Emporium to be the one place that houses all of my film reviews. To that end I have added links to all the reviews I have written for other websites. I’ve even gone through the task of seeking out all the capsule reviews I once wrote for various message boards. Every week, probably every Thursday, I will be posting a Retro This Week In Cinema that will cover five of my previously written capsule reviews. I’ll be cleaning them up a little in terms of grammar, punctuation and spelling. However, I will not be changing any of the opinions or content found in the capsule reviews. My opinions on some of these films, and film theories I discuss in the capsule reviews, may have changed since they were written. But, I want to give you the capsule reviews as I wrote them. This project will continue until such a time as I have collected and published all of the capsule reviews I once wrote for the message boards I used to frequent. I won’t bother listing the individual posts, but just click on the link directly below to be taken to the category for Retro Week In Cinema,

Retro Week In Cinema


When I first started writing on the internet I didn’t have this blog. As such I wrote for another blog, SecondViews. I did mostly television reviews of Babylon 5, but I also wrote a few movie reviews as well. SecondViews is now defunct, but the owner of the blog made me happy by archiving the blog. Below are the links for the few film reviews I wrote for SecondViews,

#1: Stardust (2007)
#2: G.I. Joe: The Movie (1987)
#3: Cloverfield (2008)
#4: Jûbê Ninpûchô (Ninja Scroll, 1993)

Splatter Time Fun Fest

From the death of Horror Month comes this ongoing monstrosity. Splatter Time Fun Fest operates just the same as Horror Month did, but it has a way cooler title. Every year I devote October to nothing but horror reviews with a wrap up award post in the form of the Bloody Machete Awards at the end. I aim to include thirteen movies every year, but I’m human so I’m sure that will change from time to time. Here are the movies I’ve reviewed for this  never ending project,

Is Here!!!!
#1: A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)
#2: Sleepaway Camp (1983)
#3: The House Of The Devil (2009)
#4: Night Of The Demon (1957)
#5: Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)
#6: Nosferatu: Phantom Der Nacht (Nosferatu The Vampyre, 1979)
#7: Janghwa, Hongryeon (A Tale Of Two Sisters, 2003)
#8: Dawn Of The Dead (1978)
#9: Trick ‘R Treat (2007)
#10: The Mist (2007)
#11: An American Werewolf In London (1981)
#12: Psycho (1960)
#13: 28 Days Later… (2002)
#14: Friday The 13th (1980)
The 1st Annual Bloody Machete Awards

Is Here!!!!
#1: Day Of The Dead (1985)
#2: L’uccello Dalle Piume Di Cristallo (The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, 1970)
#3: The Changeling (1980)
#4: Haute Tension (High Tension, 2003)
#5: Let Me In (2010)
#6: Les Yeux Sans Visage (Eyes Without A Face, 1960)
#7: Hausu (House, 1977)
#8: Vampyr (1932)
#9: Peeping Tom (1960)
#10: Cat People (1942)
#11: Repulsion (1965)
#12: Funny Games (1997)
#13: Faust – Eine Deutsche Volkssage (Faust, 1926)
The 2nd Annual Bloody Machete Awards

Is Here!!!!
#1: Land Of The Dead (Director’s Cut, 2005)
#2: Carnival Of Souls (1962)
#3: Slither (2006)
#4: Spalovac Mrtvol (The Cremator, 1969)
#5: The Woman (2011)
#6: Gremlins (1984)
#7: The Others (2001)
#8: Dressed To Kill (1980)
#9: La Casa Con La Scala Nel Buio (A Blade In The Dark, 1983)
#10: The Old Dark House (1932)
#11: The Omen (1976)
#12: Onibaba (1964)
#13: The Woman In Black (2012)
#14: Village Of The Damned (1960)
#15: Maniac (1980)
#16: The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane (1976)
#17: Ringu (Ring, 1998)
#18: Trouble Every Day (2001)
#19: Wolfen (1981)
#20: The Return Of The Living Dead (1985)
#21: Körkarlen (The Phantom Carriage, 1921)
#22: Non Si Sevizia Un Paperino (Don’t Torture A Duckling, 1972)
#23: The Slumber Party Massacre (1982)
#24: Les Lèvres Rouges (Daughters Of Darkness, 1971)
#25: À L’intérieur (Inside, 2007)
#26: Picnic At Hanging Rock (1975)
#27: Jiao Zi (Dumplings, 2004)
#28: The Cabin In The Woods (2011)
#29: Profondo Rosso (Deep Red, 1975)
The 3rd Annual Bloody Machete Awards

Is Here!!!!
#1: Opera (1987)
#2: The Stepfather (1987)
#3: Ginger Snaps (2000)
#4: Santa Sangre (1989)
#5: When A Stranger Calls (1979)
#6: The Unknown (1927)
#7: Martyrs (2008)
#8: Let’s Scare Jessica To Death (1971)
#9: Altered States (1980)
#10: The Masque Of The Red Death (1964)
#11: The Howling (1981)
#12: White Zombie (1932)
#13: The Innkeepers (2011)
#14: Kaidan (Kwaidan, 1964)
#15: The Toxic Avenger (1984)
#16: Somos Lo Que Hay (We Are What We Are, 2010)
#17: Cannibal Holocaust (1980)
#18: Patrick (1978)
#19: Valerie A Týden Divu (Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders, 1970)
#20: Tucker And Dale Vs Evil (2010)
#21: The Man Who Laughs (1928)
#22: Cronos (1993)
#23: Wait Until Dark (1967)
#24: Lake Mungo (2008)
#25: Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things (1973)
#26: The Loved Ones (2009)
#27: Dust Devil (Final Cut, 1992)
#28: ¿Quién Puede Matar A Un Niño? (Who Can Kill A Child?, 1976)
#29: Island Of Lost Souls (1932)
The 4th Annual Bloody Machete Awards

Is Here!!!!
#1: The Hitcher (1986)
#2: Witchfinder General (1968)
#3: Blood Feast (1963)
#4: You’re Next (2011)
#5: Don’t Look Now (1973)
#6: Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)
#7: The Curse Of Frankenstein (1957)
#8: Una Lucertola Con La Pelle Di Donna (A Lizard In A Woman’s Skin, 1980)
#9: The Children (2008)
#10: Angustia (Anguish, 1987)
#11: Maniac Cop (1988)
#12: The Black Cat (1934)
#13: Fright Night (1985)
#14: Dèmoni (Demons, 1985)
#15: Hellraiser (1987)
#16: The Phantom Of The Opera (1925)
#17: Martin (1976)
#18: Cosa Avete Fatto A Solange? (What Have You Done To Solange?, 1972)
#19: Cat People (1982)
#20: Night Of The Creeps (1986)
#21: Le Monache Di Sant’Arcangelo (The Nun & The Devil, 1973)
#22: Tenebre (1982)
#23: Dial M For Murder (1954)


#1: Dark Skies (2013)
#2: We Are What We Are (2013)
#3: The Babadook (2014)


#1: It Follows (2014)

Tea & Crumpets

I’ve been reading books about film for years now and I finally figured, why not write about them! Basically, this project will consist of the occasional review of a film related book. Due to the way I read books, slowly and over long periods of time, this won’t be a project with a regular schedule. Whenever I finish a film related book I’ll write a review, that may mean a review every two months, every month, or every six months, we’ll see I guess.

#1: 1000 Films to Change Your Life

This Week In Cinema

The idea for this sprang from the fact that I watch a lot of movies that I feel are only worthy of a capsule review, whether because of the quality of the film or my general mood when it comes to writing at any given moment.  This is a never ending project for me, hopefully my readers enjoy it,

The link to each entry for This Week in Cinema were getting out of control, in lieu of those links I’m providing my readers with the link to the category page. It’s up to you guys, and gals, to navigate from there, but since the category pages are the This Week In Cinema posts themselves they shouldn’t be hard to navigate. Anyways, here’s the link,

This Week In Cinema

Wide World Of Horror

This is a project I’ve taken on over at the Sound On Sight website. The basic gist is that every once in a while, when I get the time basically, I’ll post a review of a horror movie from a specific country. The goal is to take a look at the many different countries that produce horror. I’ll keep links of the reviews I write posted in this section, feel free to check them out whenever you get the chance,

#1: Kalevet (Rabies, 2010)
#2: Bug (2006)
#3: Cinderella (2006)
#4: Vargtimmen (Hour Of The Wolf, 1968)
#5: Pontypool (2008)
#6: Wai Dor Lei Ah Yut Ho (Dream Home, 2010)
#7: Rare Exports (2010)
#8: Ils (Them, 2006)
#9: Kimyô Na Sâkasu (Strange Circus, 2005)
#10: The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)
#11: Snowtown (The Snowtown Murders, 2011)
#12: Requiem (2006)
#13: Kill List (2011)
#14: Pen Choo Kab Pee (The Unseeable, 2006)
#15: Porto Dos Mortos (Beyond The Grave, 2010)
#16: ¡Vampiros En La Habana! (Vampires In Havana, 1985)
#17: Penumbra (2011)
#18: Shadow (2009)
#19: Come Out And Play (2012)
#20: Baby Shower (2011)
#21: Half-Caste (2004)
#22: Yavarum Nalam (13B: Fear Has A New Address, 2009)
#23: 23:59
#24: Modus Anomali (Ritual, 2012)
#25: The Devil’s Rock (2011)
#26: The Road (2011)
#27: Stitches (2012)
#28: Taxidermia (2006)
#29: Naboer (Next Door, 2005)
#30: Jue Ming Pai Dui (Invitation Only, 2009)
#31: Jangan Pandang Belakang (Don’t Look Back, 2007)
#32: Lilasia Psichon (Soul Looting, 2009)
#33: T.M.A. (Darkness, 2009)
#34: Araf (The Abortion, 2006)
#35: Bai Wan Ju E (Croczilla, 2012)
#36: Aenigma (1987)
#37: Prowl (2010)
#38: Dark Floors (2008)
#39: Hell (2011)
#40: The Caller (2011)
#41: 247°F (2011)
#42: El páramo (The Squad, 2011)
#43: The Dark (2005)
#44: Varuh meje (Guardian of the Frontier, 2002)
#45: Vignean Krohom (The Red Sense, 2008)
#46: Glad (2002)

30 Day Film Challenge

The idea for this came from a Facebook page. The project was introduced to me by Martin Teller. The concept is that every day deals with a different category of film and my personal goal is to try and write about a different film every day. I started this project at The Reelists, but now that blog is dead so I brought the project over here. I won’t be publishing an entry every day, rather I will do so on days when I don’t have a review or another project of some sort already scheduled to publish. Either way, hopefully you enjoy,

Day 1 – Your Favorite Film: The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Day 2 – Your Least Favorite Film: The Animal (2001)
Day 3 – A Film You Watch To Feel Good: Tonari No Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro, 1988)
Day 4 – A Film You Watch To Feel Down: Hotaru No Haka (Grave Of The Fireflies, 1988)
Day 5 – A Film That Reminds You Of Someone: Toy Story 3 (2010)
Day 6 – A Film That Reminds You Of Somewhere: The Land Before Time (1988)
Day 7 – A Film That Reminds You Of Your Past: Halloween (1978)
Day 8 – The Film You Can Quote Best: Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (2004)
Day 9 – A Film With Your Favorite Actor (Male): Apollo 13 (1995)
Day 10 – A Film With Your Favorite Actor (Female): Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (2004)
Day 11 – A Film By Your Favorite Director: Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi (Spirited Away, 2001)
Day 12 – A Film By Your Least Favorite Director: Pulp Fiction (1994)
Day 13 – A Guilty Pleasure: BloodRayne (2005)
Day 14 – The Film That No One Expected You To Like: Southland Tales (2006)
Day 15 – The Film That Depicts Your Life: Finding Neverland (2004)
Day 16 – A Film You Used To Love, But Now Hate: Alien³ (1992)
Day 17 – Your Favorite Drama Film: The Godfather (1972)
Day 18 – Your Favorite Comedy Film: The General (1926)
Day 19 – Your Favorite Action Film: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
Day 20 – Your Favorite Romantic Film: Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans (1927)
Day 21 – Your Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film: El Laberinto Del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth, 2006)
Day 22 – Your Favorite Horror Film: The Shining (1980)
Day 23 – Your Favorite Thriller/Mystery Film: Touch Of Evil (1958)
Day 24 – Your Favorite Animated Or Children’s Film: WALL·E (2008)
Day 25 – Your Favorite Documentary Film: Grizzly Man (2005)
Day 26 – Your Favorite Foreign Language Film: Letters From Iwo Jima (2006)
Day 27 – Your Favorite Independent Film: Elephant (2003)
Day 28 – The Most Obscure Film You’ve Ever Seen: The Magic Box (1951)
Day 29 – Your Favorite Film As A Kid: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
Day 30 – Your Favorite Film This Time Last Year: Double Indemnity (1944)

New content and entries will constantly be added to this page, so be sure to check back every now and then. I hope this has at the very least helped clear up what is going on with some of the specialized reviews I post.


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