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Review: Heroin(e) (2017)

Screenshot 2017-09-29 12.20.23

A surface look at a very deep problem!

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Review: Audrie & Daisy (2016)


That moment when you just want to punch a Sheriff in the face!

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Review: Happy Valley (2014)

Screenshot 2015-08-30 08.39.07

The film good enough to get me writing again!

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This Week in Cinema: January 04-10, 2014

paradise lost

I’m not sure if any paradise ever was truly present!

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This Week in Cinema: August 31-September 06, 2014


A hot night in Detroit indeed!

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This Week in Cinema: February 23-March 01, 2014

the hawks and the sparrows

God can’t talk to me, and I can’t talk to god, okay!

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Review: Blackfish (2013)


They’re dolphins people, not killer whales!

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