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Review: Mahapurush (The Holy Man, 1965)

the holy man

I fear all holy men, it’s a simple principle I live my life by!

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This Week In Cinema: November 03-09, 2013

The Revenge Of A Kinematograph Cameraman

When I die I’d be cool with someone embalming me and using me for a stop-motion animated film. What, is that weird?

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Review: Kshay (Corrode, 2011)

The first truly Indian movie I’ve reviewed for the site, it’s like a milestone and stuff!

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This Week In Cinema: February 20-26, 2011

I would have preferred a screen shot of Mark Wahlberg’s face from The Happening as the image for this post, but I’m lazy, so this is what you get!

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Review: Gandhi (1982)


A biopic that strives to be more but ends up just like the rest!

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