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Review: Ascenseur pour l’échafaud (Elevator to the Gallows, 1958)

elevator to the gallows

Remind me never to swipe a car in France!

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Review: Bob le flambeur (1956)

bob le flambeur

I’m not much for gambling, probably because I don’t have any money to bet in the first place!

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Review: The Naked City (1948)

the naked city

Thinking of naked cities gives me a weird feeling, very weird!

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This Week In Cinema: January 19-25, 2014

saving mr. banks

If I ever need saving I’m hoping an animated mouse can come to the rescue!

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Review: The Paperboy (2012)

the paperboy

That’s a heck of a lot of sweat, isn’t it?

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Retro Week In Cinema: July 11-17, 2013


No matter what The Dude always manages to crack me up!

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Retro Week In Cinema: July 04-10, 2013


Count me out from adopting a kid from a foreign country, thank you very much!

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Review: Moonrise (1948)


I’m never around for the moon to rise, and I’ve seen far too many sunrises for my liking!

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Retro Week In Cinema: May 30-June 05, 2013

after the wedding

My wedding wasn’t full of any drama, bvut we did take a hike through a state park afterwards!

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Retro Week In Cinema: May 23-29, 2013

a little princess

I have a little princess of my own at home, in fact I’m surrounded by princesses and queens. Needless to say, I have no authority at all in my house!

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