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This Week in Cinema: March 29-April 04, 2015

frozen fever

I have a fever, and the prescription is always more cowbell!

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This Week in Cinema: November 09-15, 2014


My dogs can relate, very much in fact!

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Splatter Time Fun Fest 2014: The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)

the curse of frankenstein

Having to choose between Justine and Elizabeth, that was his real curse!

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This Week in Cinema: September 29-30, 2014

captain america the winter soldier

I’m a soldier, maybe in the winter, or maybe not!

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This Week in Cinema: August 03-09, 2014


Another comic book movie, and a great one at that!

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Review: L’amour en fuite (Love on the Run, 1979)

love on the run

Come for a movie and enjoy the clip show!

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Review: Domicile conjugal (Bed & Board, 1970)

bed and board

The French harbor racist tendencies towards the Japanese I take it?

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This Week in Cinema: January 26-February 01, 2014


I think the main problem with a town like Dogville is that it’s named Dogville!

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Review: Trois Couleurs: Blanc (Three Colors: White, 1994)

three colors white

Are people ever on equal footing, that’s the real question!

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This Week In Cinema: January 05-11, 2014

pas de deux

I’m about as far removed from graceful as one can get!

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