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This Week In Cinema: November 03-09, 2013

The Revenge Of A Kinematograph Cameraman

When I die I’d be cool with someone embalming me and using me for a stop-motion animated film. What, is that weird?

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This Week In Cinema: September 22-28, 2013


I’m not very conspiratorial, I’m too lazy for that kind of effort!

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Retro Week In Cinema: September 12-18, 2013

black swan

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a fan of Giallo, because I am!

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This Week In Cinema: September 01-07, 2013


My toy soldiers would have been screwed, they would have been dealing with magical barbarians and giant robots!

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This Week In Cinema: August 18-24, 2013

the punisher dirty laundry

There’s something about an exposed tibia that is exhilarating, ya know!

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Review: From One Second To The Next (2013)

from one second to the next

I don’t text and drive, do you?

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This Week In Cinema: August 11-17, 2013

the indian rubber head

I’ve been told that I have an inflated ego, which is kind of the same as an inflated head!

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