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This Week In Cinema: January 19-25, 2014

saving mr. banks

If I ever need saving I’m hoping an animated mouse can come to the rescue!

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Review: Hwanghae (The Yellow Sea, 2010)

the yellow sea

I don’t live near a sea, yellow or otherwise!

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Review: Ajeossi (The Man From Nowhere, 2010)

the man from nowhere

I’m from Berkeley, which is kind of nowhere!

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Review: Madeo (Mother, 2009)


How does one differentiate between a mother’s love and over the line obsession!

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Retro Week In Cinema: June 20-26, 2013


Wherein I take yet another shot at organized religion,

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Retro Week In Cinema: June 13-19, 2013

Perfect Stranger movie image Halle Berry and Bruce Willis

I wish my life could be filmed in different colors depending on my mood,

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Review: Saam Gaang Yi (Three… Extremes, 2004)

saam gaang yi

Three directors I like together at the same time, nice!

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