30 Day Film Challenge: Day 24 – Your Favorite Animated Or Children’s Film: WALL·E (2008)

An Earth filled to the brim with garbage, yet it’s so freaking gorgeous!

Day 24 – Your Favorite Animated Or Children’s Film

WALL·E (2008, Andrew Stanton)

Hopefully at this point my mission of never using a film twice has become obvious, but if it hasn’t, there you have it. All the films I’m using fit the categories I’m putting them in, but the further along the list I get I’m having to skip a film here or there to get to a new one, just a quick FYI.

Where do I begin with WALL·E? It’s a film I have yet to write about for the site, and I can’t wait to get to it, that’s a fact. WALL·E is one of my go to movies, it’s the film I tout as the best animated movie of all time. What allows WALL·E to connect with me so well is the relationship between the titular character and EVE. WALL·E is gorgeously animated, it’s story is interesting and its thematic depth is astounding. Yet all those hyperbolic superlatives take a back seat to the simple and charming love tale of two robots. Call me a sap all you want, but a great love story gets to me quite easily. While the title for this day may be stupid (great animation does not always correlate with great children’s film), I’ll take any chance I can to sing the praises of WALL·E.


6 responses to “30 Day Film Challenge: Day 24 – Your Favorite Animated Or Children’s Film: WALL·E (2008)

  1. WALL-E is my favorite animated film ever as of right now. I’m just so in love with the way it looks and its story. It almost looked and felt like a real live-action movie at times. It’s the film that I believe is where Pixar raised the bar of what is possible with animated films.

  2. I guess I should put this on the List of shame if I had one, but the fact is that I haven’t seen it. It sounds like a very nice movie though and I hope I’ll get around to do it at some point. I can’t help thinking whenever I see him that he looks exactly like the so charming robit in Short Circuit. But I guess it’s an intentional reference.

  3. Steven: I’m in agreement with you, Wall-E is a magical movie for me.

    Jessica: You should definitely check Wall-E out at some point, not that I love it or anything. 🙂

    I never really delved into the Johnny Five, the robot from Short Circuit, similarity, but they do look a awful lot alike.

  4. This is indeed a great movie. To have an interesting central character who essentially cannot ‘talk’ is pretty amazing. And the animation… my goodness. This is the pinnacle of cg animated features in my opinion. I haven’t ‘Cars 2’, but Pixar’s two other films that came out since, ‘Up’ and ‘Toy Story 3’, while beautiful, aren’t even in the same league of animation if you ask me.

  5. I think Wall-E is magnificent. It perfectly captures romance from a male point of view: we are industrious but clueless, while women are smart and powerful. Maybe it’s just a particular kind of man who likes this movie. Anyway, what a great pick.

  6. Edgar: You’re spot on about the animation. I loved the look and animation style of every Pixar film, but none have come close to the beautiful detail I find in Wall-E.

    Steve: I think the romance aspect of Wall-E is handled perfectly, so much so that it’s more adult than most adult romances. I don’t know if it’s a particular kind of man who likes this film, but maybe it’s a particular kind of people who understands how awesome a good romance tale can be.

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