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This Week in Cinema: July 06-12, 2014

peter and the wolf

What’s this, actual movies being reviews, surprising!

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This Week in Cinema: February 02-08, 2014

silent light

Religion and sex really don’t mix…

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Splatter Time Fun Fest 2013: Cronos (1993)


Silly Guillermo del Toro, don’t you know vampires are supposed to sparkle!

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Splatter Time Fun Fest 2013: Somos Lo Que Hay (We Are What We Are, 2010)

we are what we are

These days I’m surprised more families haven’t turned to cannibalism!

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Splatter Time Fun Fest 2013: Santa Sangre (1989)

santa sangre

My blood is far from holy, although I have given it enough of it through the years to support a small church!

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Review: Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

y tu mama tambien

So that’s how you go about building up a resistance…

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This Week In Cinema: December 02-08, 2012

image courtesy of moviefone.com

I’m not stealthy enough to illegally immigrate from anywhere, I’d rattle a bush right in front of border patrol with all my stealthy prowess!

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