We Tried, We Really Did Try!!!

Apparently there are some kneecaps that I need to get on to busting!

The gist is that I came up short in the Best Review category at the Total Film Movie Blog Awards 2011. I never really expected to win and truth be told I’m just happy with the votes I did get. Thanks to all those who voted and congratulations to all the winners in every category. I can’t say that I read every blog that won, just like there’s no way that I could read all those that were nominated. But, congrats nonetheless, you were good enough to be nominated and then win, so I salute you. As for the small engine that wasn’t able to in the form of Bill’s Movie Emporium, there’s always next year, but regardless of any awards I plan on reviewing movies just as I have been for the past couple of years and hopefully you guys will stay on board for the ride!

Go head over to Total Film to read a rundown of all the winners.


3 responses to “We Tried, We Really Did Try!!!

  1. I haven’t even heard of any of the winners. I’ll have to check some out in the future. But, for now, you’re reviews are enough for me.

  2. I voted for you man. I haven’t heard some of these blogs nor do I care to read them. You’re one of the blogs I follow among a sea of bloggers. We need to stick together and get the word out.

  3. Thanks guys. 🙂

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