All Systems Go!!!

A new day for this here website, well, not really, but allow me to be dramatic, okay!

A few months ago you may have noticed that my output for this website dropped dramatically. Some of that was due to me being busy, lazy, not feeling the vibe to write about movies, and so on. But, a large chunk of the reason I stopped writing so much was because of all the work I undertook behind the scenes to change some things here at Bill’s Movie Emporium. I consider almost all of them to be major changes, but I’m fairly confident I think that way because I worked on implementing those changes. Whether you agree with me or not, hopefully you’ll like the changes, but we’ll see. Either way, here’s a list of the changes, at least the ones I can remember to jot down,

–First thing you may notice are the changes I made to all the pages. I combined the About and Ratings pages under the one all encompassing title of About, and I added pages for Marathons and Projects. Those two pages contain a lot of information about why I write about some of the movies I write about. They’re also a helpful resource when it comes to tracking down movies I have reviewed for some specific purpose or another. There are also all kinds of links to the Filmspotting Forums to be found on those pages, check them out, you’ll find all kinds of good things by clicking on them.

–The List pages have also been retooled a bit. For some stupid reason I never bothered to italicize all the movie titles on those pages. Well, now I have, and it was a bitch to go through and italicize them all, but I think it looks a lot better that way. I also rewrote the intro paragraphs for all three of those pages. But, most importantly I added links for every full length movie I have reviewed. What that means is that on all three pages for The List if you see a highlighted movie title you can click on it to be taken to the review. A needed feature I think, it should make it easier for people to find a review they may be looking for.

–The categories section has been cleaned up as well. First, I fixed the scroll bar problem that many had complained to me about. There’s now an actual arrow button you can click on to open up the dropbox and use to scroll through it, nifty, I know. I removed all of the movie title categories, it was just overkill. I created parent categories to make searching through the categories even smoother. There’s a parent category for decades where you can find all the categories I have for the decade a movie was released in. There’s a category for marathons and a category for projects, those should be self explanatory. Finally, there’s a category for directors, and like the category says this is where you will find all the directors I have written a review for. One thing to note is that almost all the directors are listed individually. The only two directing pairs I have still given categories to are Ethan & Joel Coen as well as the due of Ron Clements & John Musker. The rule I employed is that I would only keep pairs together if they had never directed a movie without their partner. That’s why Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne each have their own category, they have directed apart from one another. This should make it much easier for people to search the blog.

–Finally, I cleaned up the links section. I got rid of some links I didn’t feel were worth keeping any more and I added links to sites I feel are worth your time.

–I added weekly capsule reviews, this ensures that no matter what there should always be new content on a weekly basis.

–I added new titles for some reviews. Instead of a simple review title, if a movie was reviewed as part of a marathon or project I put the name of the marathon or project as the title instead of the word “review.” This will be the practice moving forward, any time you see a new post by me you will always be able to tell what it is for based on the title I put before the actual movie title. I also created categories for all my marathons and projects to help people who want to search for them.

–Lastly, you will be seeing new entries for a project called List Of Shame. You’ll be able to read all the details for it on the Projects page, but I hope it ends up being a long lasting feature at Bill’s Movie Emporium.

It may not seem like a lot, but I’m happy with the changes I’ve made and I do believe they will increase the functionality of and ease with which to view Bill’s Movie Emporium. Of course, your feedback is always welcome, let me know what you think of the changes, good, bad, or indifferent. That’s all for now, look forward to many reviews to come, and I hope all of my readers remain happy with the content I put out and the changes I have made to make the site easier for you guys to navigate. Thanks for reading, and your continued support, I appreciate that you take the time out of your day to read my drivel. 🙂


3 responses to “All Systems Go!!!

  1. Digging the new changes. Look forward to seeing what new content you come out with in the coming months.

  2. Looks like you put in a lot of effort into this Bill 🙂 Always nice to see a blogger put in some time tinkering and improving stuff here and there.

  3. Thanks Castor and James, it was a lot of effort actually, but if people come here to read my stuff then they deserve my best efforts to give them something that is worth their time. 🙂

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