Podcast Review: Sketchy


I happen to enjoy cartoons, yes I do!


The Gist

Hosted by Ryan Clagg, Richard Thornton, and Matt Newcomb, Sketchy is a cartoon based podcast. The podcast has been around since early 2012 and releases episodes on a weekly basis that clock in from an hour to an hour and a half in length. The premise of the podcast is that of discussion based around some animated topic, TV show, or movie. Sketchy is a member of the Sound On Sight network.

Episodes Listened To

#82: Animated Music Videos (Vol. 2)
#83: Persepolis
#84: The Critic

My Thoughts

Even though I don’t know any of the hosts of Sketchy, I again feel the need to include a disclaimer here that I do write for Sound On Sight. It didn’t effect my review, but knowledge is power and now all those reading this review have that knowledge.

I enjoyed Sketchy, but I didn’t love the podcast. I don’t have anything egregious to write about Sketchy, but there were some bumpy moments listening to Sketchy. I wasn’t a fan of the constant music playing in the background. It’s supposed to add atmosphere, but I found it distracting. Other than that I didn’t have any technical issues with Sketchy. My issues were more discussion based, when it came to the technical side Sketchy was a perfectly well made podcast.

The discussion issues I had with Sketchy weren’t major issues, but they did somewhat take away from the show. Their discussion of Radiohead in episode 82 did bother me as a Radiohead fan but I wouldn’t hold the opinions of the hosts against the podcast. However that discussion is an example of how the tangential nature of the podcast can be a bit too much at times. I like the fact that Sketchy doesn’t adhere to a strict format, but at the same time the tangents the hosts went on weren’t always that interesting or tied into the discussion in a way that I felt benefited the episode. This was especially true in the longer episodes I listened to where my energy began to wain as the episode would continue to be lengthened by tangents, some of which were interesting and some that weren’t.

The above being said, I did overall enjoy Sketchy. I’m a huge animation nut and I liked the open approach that the hosts had to animation. They didn’t treat animation like it was kids stuff. Rather, they gave the form the respect and heft that it deserves. When they did stay on topic I enjoyed the breadth of the discussion the hosts brought to the table. When talking about Persepolis they incorporated discussion of the graphic novel as well. However, they didn’t compare one to the other in a “thi was better because” sort of way. They used the graphic novel to add more depth to the discussion, and I enjoyed that approach.

I had my problems with Sketchy, but I on the whole I come away from Sketchy far more positive than negative. I’m going to be picking and choosing the episodes I listen to, as much as I love animation I’m picky and choosy on the animated shows I choose to watch for instance. But, I enjoyed the discussions the hosts engaged in and the approach of all three hosts to discussing the various subject matter found in the podcast. My vote is to subscribe to Sketchy, I look forward to hear what these guys have to say about the wonderful world of animation.

The Bottom Line



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