Podcast Review: Dangerous: Memories

A slight change of plans means I’m now posting my podcast reviews here instead of The Reelists!

(To keep it short, for reasons beyond my control The Reelists is shutting down, and that means my Podcast Review feature is making its way to Bill’s Movie Emporium. I’m starting over from the beginning, so the first three or four I post here will be reposts from The Reelists. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when we get to new podcast reviews.)

I’m using a three strikes and you’re out method to cull out the podcasts that aren’t worth my time or yours. Each column will be about a single podcast, covering three consecutive episodes from said podcast. After I listen to those three episodes I’ll write a review and come up with a final verdict. Subscribe means the episode is worth my time and yours, while Unsubscribe means it isn’t. Guest It Up details a podcast that isn’t worth anyone’s time by itself, but every once in a while they have a guest on that adds a level of value to the podcast. I think that covers everything, let’s get this ball rolling.

Dangerous: Memories

The Gist

A podcast that aims to tackle the world of pop culture with the running theme of counting down the American Film Institutes’s top 100 list. The hosts are two twenty sounding gentlemen, Hector and Todd. Dangerous: Memories has been around for about a year and maintains a somewhat normal posting schedule of one episode a week.

Episodes Listened To

#49: Who Is John Ford?
#50: Staind Is Terrible
#51: What If…?

My Thoughts

If you’re looking for a podcast that says absolutely nothing about every topic it tackles then Dangerous: Memories is the podcast for you. The premise is an interesting one, the problem comes not in said premise but in the way the hosts engage in discussion. There’s no depth to any of their conversations. There aren’t any insights into the films they are watching, frankly, I had trouble finding any substance whatsoever in the three episodes I listened to.

Instead of being a meaningful look into a canon list, Dangerous: Memories is two guys laughing at a series of bad inside jokes. It’s impossible for the show to build any sort of momentum because every discussion they engage in is derailed by one of them cracking and then laughing at an unfunny joke. Todd is the main culprit of this, he never stops cracking stupid jokes and then laughing like some sort of malnourished hyena in response to his own words. In the What If…? episode the inability of the hosts to stay focused on the topics they wanted to discuss reached such unbearable levels that I almost considered giving up and calling this entire project off.

Like I said at the start of this column, the premise behind Dangerous: Memories is very interesting. It’s a real shame that such a worthy premise is wasted by two men who are more interested in laughing at their own inane humor. It’s very rare for me to come away from a podcast with hatred boiling out of my ears, but that is the state Dangerous: Memories left me in. Of course, I could be like the hosts and not bother with any of the above reasons I gave for not liking their show. Instead I could boil my criticisms down to a bunch of notes that do nothing but list facts about the movie that anyone can find with a basic Google search. I could cap off my review of Dangerous: Memories with the same “this guy was so bad, and this girl was so good,” verbiage that populated their dreadful critique of The Searchers. But, I’ve already provided the meat to my critique of their podcast, so I guess I’ve lost my chance at providing a vacuous experience to the readers. If you haven’t guessed already, my advice to you in regards to Dangerous: Memories is very simple, stay away, star far away.

The Bottom Line:



2 responses to “Podcast Review: Dangerous: Memories

  1. Hey Bill, great review as usual. What happened to The Reelists? I like that place.

  2. For reasons that I don’t entirely know, or feel comfortable discussing myself, Corey had to shut it down. It sucks, because it was a good website and Corey did pour a lot of himself into it, but that’s how life rolls sometimes.

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