30 Day Film Challenge: Day 9 – A Film With Your Favorite Actor (Male): Apollo 13 (1995)

Picking a favorite actor was tough, but I’m comfortable with my decision!

Day 9 – A Film With Your Favorite Actor (Male)

Apollo 13 (1995, Ron Howard)

My brother Ed and I have been huge Tom Hanks fans for as long as I can remember. Picking one of his many outstanding roles for this category was a tough decision. In the end I went with Apollo 13 for a couple of reasons. First, Apollo 13 is a great movie in its own right, one of my all time favorites in fact. Second, as far as Mr. Hanks goes, this movie showcases all of his strengths as an actor. He is instantly someone the audience can relate to in his role as astronaut Jim Lovell. At the same time his everyday man quality gives way to the type of person who knows what they are doing and belongs in a do or die situation such as that faced by the crew in Apollo 13. Most of all Apollo 13 showcases Mr. Hanks’ ability to mesh with his costars, to be a great actor and still give his costars room to shine as well. I salute Mr. Hanks for his performance in Apollo 13, I salute him for his entire career.


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