Podcast Review: How Did This Get Made?

I too often wonder how certain movies come about, my thoughts are not always pleasant!

How Did This Get Made?

The Gist

How Did This Get Made? is a rather new podcast, it’s only been around for thirteen episodes (plus an equal number of mini-sodes), or less than a year in actual time. I started listening to How Did This Get Made? based on a recommendation from a friend. The premise behind the show is an easy one, each full episode the show tackles a movie that is widely considered to be badly made. The hosts are a trio of comedians- Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas. Each episode features at least one guest, and all involved engage in a free flowing discussion where they make jokes about and at the expense of the film in question.

Episodes Listened To

#10: Mac & Me
#11: The Tourist
#12: The Love Guru

My Thoughts

Comedy podcasts are always the toughest for me to judge, often the content isn’t what matters, rather the amount of laughs the show can generate is what matters. In this respect each episode can vary greatly from the one before and it and the one to come next. A podcast like How Did This Get Made? is even harder to judge because a lot of its jokes are directed towards something, you might say it is a podcast on the attack. I don’t want people to get the wrong impression, How Did This Get Made? isn’t an aggressively angry podcast or anything like that, but they do enjoy taking the movies they watch to task for being as bad as they are.

The key quality that separates How Did This Get Made? from most other comedy film podcasts is that they are interested in delving deep into a movie. The discussions on How Did This Get Made? aren’t the type one would hope to find on a podcast like Left Field Cinema, but at the same time they offer an amount of depth that helps their jokes to come from an informed place. The hosts are all funny individuals, and each looks at a film from a certain perspective, that helps to keep the show very fresh and funny. I don’t think any of the three are film scholars, but they do watch a lot of movies, and they know what they are talking about, and that’s all the podcast needs.

Sometimes Paul Scheer can be a bit much, he’s a comedian I like a lot but I’ve always liked him more in little doses. When he does take over an episode I tend to get burnt out on that episode pretty fast. How Did This Get Made? also falls into the trap of looking at too many recent films. This isn’t so much a legitimate complaint as it is me wishing that they would broaden their scope a bit. I’d like to hear what the three hosts have to say about some bad classics, it would add a nice variety to the show I think.

My complaints about How Did This Get Made? are minor, it is an enjoyable podcast that makes me laugh quite often. How Did This Get Made? is not an essential podcast, and in a lot of ways it is still growing and becoming more polished. Still, How Did This Get Made? is a podcast that can help to flesh out your iTunes podcast feed and give you something a little different to listen to. Subscribe to How Did This Get Made?, it won’t rock your world or blow your mind, but you will laugh and enjoy yourself, that’s always a good thing.

The Bottom Line



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