Podcast Review: The Golden Briefcase

What do you know, I’ve discovered a great podcast!

The Golden Briefcase

The Gist

I’m not sure where The Golden Briefcase is based out of, in fact I think the two hosts are in different states. Either way, the show has been around for a couple of years now and they offer one episode a week that clocks in somewhere between an hour and a half to two hours. The hosts are Tim Buel and Jeremy Kirk, and they are quite often joined by a guest of some sort. They cover DVD/BD releases, trailers, as well as a movie pick of the week and a theme based discussion that ties into some film being released into theaters that week.

Episodes Listened To

#78: America’s Favorite Pastime
#79: Rock’em Sock’em
#80: The Prequel to the Remake

My Thoughts

I wish I had been listening to The Golden Briefcase from the start. That statement should let you know just how much I like this podcast. I wasn’t expecting much from it when I gave it a shot, I was even prepared to dislike it based on the name and the hosts admitted affection for Quentin Tarantino. Turns out that The Golden Briefcase is the type of podcast I’ve been trying to find for a long time. After one episode The Golden Briefcase jumped all the way up to my second favorite film related podcast, and with each episode my appreciation of the podcast increases.

What makes The Golden Briefcase such a great podcast is the laid back atmosphere that the hosts exude. They drew me into their discussions by the simple fact that they made me feel like a part of the conversation. I’ve only ever found one other podcast that is able to do that, A Damn Movie Podcast. The Golden Briefcase reminded me immediately of the sort of discussion I love in A Damn Movie Podcast. The two hosts, Tim and Jeremy, engage each other in lively discussion but they do so in a way that allows me to feel like I am right there with them. I never feel left out, I never feel as if they are talking at me, rather I always feel that the open pauses are left there for me to jump in and offer my own thoughts. It’s extremely rare for a podcast to make me feel that way, but The Golden Briefcase had that effect from the very onset.

I like the way The Golden Briefcase is formatted. They do break the show down into categories, but the categories aren’t limited. Mr. Buel and Mr. Kirk say what they want to say in any given category and don’t move on until they have said their piece. This creates an organic feel to the show, avoiding the processed radio feel that can plague many podcasts. The categories themselves are your basic film related categories, but they do let the hosts show off their knowledge and bring interesting discussions to the table. The main topic for every episode is the theme based category and that is where the hosts are at their best. They explore the chosen theme to the fullest extent, and more often than not they leave me with something to mull over in my head.

I’m glad I finally got around to The Golden Briefcase, it’s a podcast I should have been listening to for a long time. When I started this project a podcast like The Golden Briefcase is what I was hoping to find. Intelligent discussion, engaging hosts, interesting topics, and a relaxed presentation that equates to a lot of fun. I can’t think of more to ask for from a film related podcast. That’s why everyone and their mother should subscribe to The Golden Briefcase, it delivers in every way that a film related podcast should deliver. The hosts love Quentin Tarantino, and they are positive towards Christopher Nolan, yet I love to hear what Mr. Buell and Mr. Kirk have to say, and that’s the highest recommendation I can give my readers.

The Bottom Line



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