Podcast Review: Film Reviews

A podcast from a critic I do not care for, I wonder what I’ll have to say?

Film Reviews

The Gist

KCRW is a national public radio station that offers up some of its radio shows in podcast form. One such show is Film Reviews, a weekly set of reviews with absolutely no filler or frills beyond the reviews. Joe Morgenstern, the critic for The Wall Street Journal, is the host of Film Reviews. He is the sole voice for every three to four minute long episode. I’m not sure how long Film Reviews has been around exactly, but I think it’s been around for three to four years at least.

Episodes Listened To

#Unknown: Wanderlust; The Forgiveness of Blood
#Unknown: Friends with Kids; John Carter
#Unknown: The Hunger Games

My Thoughts

This will be short and sweet. I do not like Joe Morgenstern as a critic. His approach to films is dry and without a hint of emotion. This comes through in his writing and it is present in the podcast. The experience of listening to him is just as boring as reading his work. When he is voicing his opinions on a movie it sounds more like someone reading off a lunch menu than it does someone sharing his opinion on a film. I like formal reviews, but I need for the formal reviews to have some sort of personality. I don’t read or listen to film criticism so that I can feel like I am reading or listening to a boring textbook from one of my college biology classes.

I know it sounds like I’m being harsh, and I have no intentions of being harsh towards Mr. Morgenstern as a human being. I know nothing about Joe Morgenstern the man, but I do know that Joe Morgenstern the critic doesn’t do it for me. He’s not the type of critic whose writing or vocalizing about films I enjoy. My vote is that you unsubscribe from Film Reviews. The criticism it presents is too bland, and its critic isn’t willing to engage his listeners.

The Bottom Line



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