Podcast Review: Bloody Good Horror

It took a while, but this is the first true horror exclusive podcast I’ve gotten to for this project!

Bloody Good Horror

The Gist

Around since 2007, Bloody Good Horror is a by product of the website of the same name. Each week a one hour, or thereabouts, episode is put out that delves deep into the world of horror. The basic format of the show is an opening banter segment, followed by an in-depth review of one film and the show is rounded off with listener feedback and questions. The hosts are Eric Newell, Joe Charnews, Jon Schnaars, Mark Newall, and Casey Criswell.

Episodes Listened To

#181: Dream House
#182: The Woman
#183: The Thing

My Thoughts

When I first started listening to Bloody Good Horror I found myself put off. I wasn’t connecting with the views of the hosts or the format. The frequent Skype drops and varying audio qualities from episode to episode weren’t helping either. I also found some elements of the show, the beer discussion and word of the day superfluous. Some of those audio issues still remain, and the beer and word segments still do nothing for me, but the more I listen to Bloody Good Horror the more I have come to like it as a podcast.

Obviously the content of Bloody Good Horror is right in my wheel house, but that doesn’t mean much. Let’s face facts, there are a lot of movie fans in general, and horror fans specifically, who can’t hold a one minute long conversation worth listening to. I love horror, it is a year round event for me, but at the same time it’s hard to have quality horror related discussions because of how many horror fans there are who are willing to accept shitty products simply because they are horror based. As much as I may have disagreed vehemently with the hosts of Bloody Good Horror on a few different topics, they do bring intelligent conversation to the world of horror.

The biggest draw to Bloody Good Horror is its mixture of content I like with intelligent conversation. They don’t just tell me that Dream House was a bad movie, they give me detailed reasons for why it fails as a movie in general and a horror movie in specific. Within the world of horror that type of talk is always refreshing and it’s always a joy to listen to. The hosts of Bloody Good Horror make the process fun as well. They have fun with one another and they have fun in the discussions they engage in. This rubs off on the listener, if I’m enjoying the content and the intelligent conversations and I know you’re having fun then I am sold on your podcast.

While I still have some issues with Bloody Good Horror, I can safely say it is a podcast that is a definite subscribe. The conversations are lively, informative, intelligent and fun. The hosts are all nice guys who bring varying viewpoints to the world of film. They may be completely wrong about Ti West being overrated or Let Me In being anywhere near better than Låt Den Rätte Komma In, but I still enjoy listening to them. Bloody Good Horror is a podcast that every horror fan should listen to, and while I understand its niche qualities I also think it is a podcast that casual horror fans would enjoy as well. Okay, okay, I’m done, Bloody Good Horror is worth listening to, that’s the best way to finish this review.

The Bottom Line



6 responses to “Podcast Review: Bloody Good Horror

  1. I’m wary of horror, but it still sort of fascinates me – and the discussions surrounding it can be equally fascinating. I’ll have to check this one out.

  2. I love horror, and discussions on horror, but that’s kind of obvious I think. 🙂 I’m skeptical on whether the show would work for you. By all means give the podcast a try because I do think there are some great discussions about the nature of horror films that would interest me. At the same time the podcast does have a bit of a boys club sort of feel that I could see rubbing you the wrong way. Either way, glad to hear my writing is causing you to check something out. 🙂

  3. Is it mainly new stuff? Or do they delve into older material as well? I, like you, really enjoy a good horror film, and would love to find more like minded folk when it comes to that.

  4. The majority of the films they look at are new, but they do occasionally bust out an older film as well. However, they do cover a lot of independent horror and I’ve found them to be very helpful in exposing me to the lesser known horror of today.

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