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the lambcast

A podcast from a bevy of different people!

The LAMBcast

The Gist

The LAMBcast has been around for a couple of years now, and every week a new episode is released. The episodes usually clock in anywhere between an hour and a half to two hours in length. There are a lot of different hosts on any given episode of The LAMBcast, however as best as I can tell the two regular hosts are Dylan Fields and Jason Soto. The concept behind the podcast is that it is a soundboard for anyone who happens to be a member of the film blog aggregating website, The Large Association of Movie Blogs. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a member of the LAMB, but I have never appeared on the podcast, or any podcast for that matter. Either way each episode of The LAMBcast features a variety of segments. There’s an Ask the LAMB segment where the hosts answer questions from listeners, or off of Yahoo Answers. There’s a section where the hosts rant or rave about any given topic in film. There’s a main topic section devoted to random film discussion, and so on and so forth.

Episodes Listened To

#150: Best of 2012
#151: Top 5 Most Anticipated for 2013
#152: Ask the LAMB

My Thoughts

I will admit that I do not like the various rotating hosts concept because it does not allow for the podcast to have a clear voice. I found myself tuning out the podcast at random intervals because someone new who I didn’t know was talking and I didn’t have the energy to be interested in another random opinion. Perhaps that is callous of me, but I like my podcasts to have a distinct voice behind them. I like the idea of starting a podcast and knowing that I am listening to A Damn Movie Podcast and will get the opinions of Adam Sherlock and Adam Palcher. This is a facet of podcasting that may not matter to most, but it matters to me and the random host nature of The LAMBcast left me cold and uninterested in what the podcast had to say.

I was two episodes into The LAMBcast and I didn’t have any major problems with the podcast. I knew that it was a podcast that I wouldn’t continue listening to, but that was due to it not matching what I look for in a film podcast as opposed to the podcast actually being deficient in any way. The hosts all seemed nice enough, and in the case of Jessica from The Velvet Caf√©, I even knew one of the hosts. Then episode three came around and Ask the LAMB started. At first the segment seemed okay, an interesting time waster, nothing more and nothing less. Then an angry mindset entered into the responses from the hosts. By the time they started answering questions off of Yahoo their responses weren’t just angry, they were mean spirited and not fun to hear. When I heard one host, I’m not entirely sure of the identity of the host so I’m leaving the name out, tell someone that it would be best for society if they never watched any more movies and they never procreated so that they didn’t have any kids who could watch movies I could only shake my head. That sort of bile may be interesting to some, but I was instantly turned off. To be honest by the time Ask the LAMB had finished I was sorry I had spent my time listening to a bunch of guys act like assholes towards people they don’t even know.

I know there are some who will find the last paragraph harsh, but the way the hosts conducted themselves during the Ask the LAMB segment was extremely off-putting to me. Originally I was planning on centering this review on my film podcast sensibilities not matching up with what The LAMBcast had to offer. In an odd way that sentence is still true, but I cannot in any way take it easy on a podcast that came off as rotten as The LAMBcast did during the third episode I listened to. Maybe that episode was an aberration, because I know that someone like Jessica, who was not in the episode that upset me, would never conduct herself in such a manner. But, that episode did feature two of the regular hosts, and they did allow the Ask the LAMB segment to become as violently hateful as it did an I can’t forgive that. It should be obvious, but my vote is to unsubscribe from The LAMBcast.

The Bottom Line



5 responses to “Podcast Review: The LAMBcast

  1. Bill, I’ve been on the LAMBcast fairly often and enjoyed the experience. It’s a lot of fun to talk with other bloggers about movies and related topics. However, I can totally understand your reaction since I know it’s tricky to be dealing with such a different voice each week. The shows can vary dramatically depending on who the participants are. There are a lot of smart, friendly people on there like Jessica, and I usually enjoy the episodes. The normal host Dylan does a very good job with the tricky task of reigning in so many different voices.

    I will say that I’m not a fan of the “Ask the Lamb” concept, which they’ve also done on the LAMB’s blog. I didn’t listen to the episode that you screened because the topic doesn’t interest me, so I can’t comment on that one, It sounds like it wasn’t one of the better episodes and had some issues.

    Even with the challenges with so many different voices, it’s been a positive thing for me to get on there. I don’t do a podcast and am not planning on creating one, so it was a fun bonus to participate on this show. Still, I can recognize that it’s serving a different purpose than some other podcasts. I’m glad you were able to give it a shot and always enjoy these posts!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Dan. ūüôā

    There are certainly some people who appeared on the podcast, or who I know have appeared on other episodes, who I enjoy listening to. The different voices complaint is personal preference and I can easily see that approach working for others. I can’t really explain the why of it, but I far prefer consistent opinions on the podcasts I listen to. Again, a case of personal preference and I completely understand that others will feel differently.

  3. I like it as a concept, but I agree that it’s not a regular listen of mine. I’ve also been on a few episodes of the LAMBcast, and I also am not a fan of the Ask a Lamb feature, and it was a one-off episode. I believe while Jason Soto is a frequent guest, Nick from Random Ramblings of a Demented Doorknob and now Your Face! is closer to a regular co-host. It’s definitely a podcast where I pick and choose depending on who’s guesting and what the topic is.

  4. Bill, I’m going to contradict myself, but in general I also prefer consistent voices on podcasts. I think the LAMBcast is different because I like a lot of the people and have interacted with them on the show and with our blogs.

  5. Bubba – That was the first time I ever heard the Ask a LAMB feature, and as you can guess it’s not something I would ever want to hear again.

    Dan – That makes perfect sense, I can see familiarity overcoming the different voices aspect.

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