Podcast Review: Sequelcast


Oh sequels, how I like thee!


The Gist

Sequelcast is hosted by Mat Bradley-Tschirigi & William Thrasher. This podcast releases hour long episodes on a weekly basis. The premise is that of discussions of franchises from the first film to the last with a smattering of talk about sequel related news and talk of what the hosts have been watching lately. Sequelcast is a member of the Battleship Pretension fleet of podcasts.

Episodes Listened To

#184: The Animatrix (2003)
#185: The Matrix Revolutions (2003)
#186: Police Story (1985)

My Thoughts

I really wish I had dug Sequelcast more than I did. I don’t have any giant problems with the podcast but ultimately I know it’s a podcast I can’t see myself listening to week after week. The main reason for that statement is I never felt the hosts moved beyond much of a plot breakdown with brief thoughts approach. I’m not a fan of being told what a movie is about, I simply don’t see the need for telling someone the plot of a film in lieu of a review. That’s the approach taken by Sequelcast and that’s why I had issues connecting with the product the podcast was interested in delivering.

Mat Bradley-Tschirigi and William Thrasher sound like perfectly fine dudes. I have no issue with them as people or as podcast hosts. Still, they don’t take their discussions to a level that I felt engaged me as a listener. I wanted to hear more of their thoughts on The Animatrix, and what that movie offered beyond the surface of its plot. I love me a deep discussion, but that’s not the sort of discussion that Sequelcast aims for it seems. Breaking down the plot and offering a few tidbits that hint at the possibility of a more in-depth discussion may do it for some people but it doesn’t entice me on any level.

I’m voting to unsubscribe from Sequelcast. That’s not a condemnation of the podcast though. The hosts are, as previously said, decent fellows and they produce a well made podcast from a technical standpoint. The premise of Sequelcast is one that could, and should, bear fruit. However, the fruit it bears is not the sort of fruit I am interested in eating. Sequelcast is an inoffensive podcast, but it’s not the sort of podcast I like to listen to and that’s as close to negative as I can get with a podcast I won’t be listening to any longer.

The Bottom Line


Bill Thompson

2 responses to “Podcast Review: Sequelcast

  1. Thanks for the write-up. Sorry it didn’t tickle your fancy!

  2. That’s okay, I am but one fish in a large pond, so keep doing what you’re doing for the people who enjoy you. 🙂

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