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This Week In Cinema: February 24-March 02, 2013

being john malkovich

My own head is crazy enough that I wouldn’t for the life of me want to take a trip into someone else’s head!

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Review: Hunger (2008)


A hunger strike isn’t something that you’ll ever accuse me of participating in!

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This Week In Cinema: February 03-09, 2013

this is england

National identity is a very dangerous thing, but growing up is even more dangerous!

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Bill Knows Best Marathon: Once (2006)

I had a feeling that the wife would really love this one, every once in a blue moon I’m right!

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This Week In Cinema: April 29-May 05, 2012

When the Irish represent, they really represent!

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This Week In Cinema: March 25-31, 2012

I’ve been a champion of the complexity of the child mind for a long time, glad to see France agrees with me!

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This Week In Cinema: January 29-February 04, 2012

Only mountains I’ve ever been to were the Blue Ridge Mountains, and all I saw up there were a lot of cool grizzly bears!

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Bill’s Wife Knows Best Marathon: Into The West (1992)

Ireland truly is a very, um, uh, eclectic, yeah that’s the word I’m looking for, place!

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This Week In Cinema: September 04-10, 2011

A film about a rock and roll singing rooster beats out a film about Italian Jews in World War II, that’s the world I live in people!

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30 Day Film Challenge: Day 6 – A Film That Reminds You Of Somewhere: The Land Before Time (1988)

I’d like to be reminded of a place where I had a lot of money, but that’s not going to happen so I’ll settle for nostalgia!

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